Monday, June 28, 2004

Eye of the Tiger

After all the dust has cleared and the hype has settled, Apple unveiled Tiger this morning in San Francisco. The inclusion of new features like Dashboard, Spotlight, and Safari RSS feeds may excite some users. I, however, only see the new version of iChat as the real reason to upgrade. I simpily cannot wait until I can video chat with not one, but three other users. Audio chats with 10 people? That's what I'm talking about! I can only imagine what some of the heated Mac debates will turn into now, when we can actually yell and scream at each other, as opposed to just typing in all caps.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Twas the Night Before WWDC...

It is a tell-tale sign that there is an Apple tradeshow and keynote address tomorrow, as the iChat room "Panther" is full of newbies speculating all sorts of garbage, like Video iPods...*sigh* What bothers me the most about these shows is no matter how many tricks Steve Jobs and the rest of the gang at Apple pull out of their hat, the net is still going to be full of many disappointed Mac users who didn't see their resurrected Apple PDA's, PowerBook G5's, and not to mention the ridiculous Video iPods! We are never satisfied with Apple's offerings. We always want more. To be honest, I would not be the least bit disappointed if Steve's keynote in the morning was nothing more than a preview of Tiger. Don't get me wrong. Any hardware announcements are new and exciting, but I've grown to not expect them and get my hopes up. I think all of the Mac zealots out there like myself should do the same. Spare yourselves the disappointment. Take what you get, and if you're not happy, go apply for a job at Apple and help them innovate faster! And until then, NO COMPLAINING!!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Soliciting YOUR Comments!

I have finally implemented a commenting system for my posts. Thing this post is boring? Well now you can let me know!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Form, Function...oh, and Gaming!

I have finally gotten the site arranged as I find it best, so things will probably stay like this for some time. My main focus will be content, starting with my Apple and Mac page. I plan to put up a history of me and my Macs very soon. This evening I plan to get some of my music posted on my .Mac site, for your listening pleasure. Links to come soon. Charles, Jake, Thom, and myself are planning a sort of clan/posse for Unreal Tournament 2004. Be on the lookout for the likes of Bavarian, G5Protocol, Phero, and Saul_Bey! We come with a vengance! :P