Friday, February 03, 2006

Side Notes

Forgive me for never posting part 2 to my Albuquerque trip. Things turned sour when my car developed a coolant leak and I had to shell out over 200 dollars for repairs on Sunday afternoon before the four-hour drive home. On the flip side, we dined on delicious sushi on Saturday night at Yen Ching on Montgomery and Wyoming. I was initially skeptical about the meal while waiting, but when it arrived, I instantly knew I was being foolish! They easily prepared the best spider rolls I've ever eaten, and my old favorite with a new twist: the handrolled unagi! Spectacular, Yen Ching, spectacular (but the green tea could use some improvements)! Just like bad things, good things come in threes also. I had a spectacular job interview yesterday at the ads company, and things are looking promising. On top of that, today's mail delivery contained my diploma and the new issue of Nintendo Power! I don't know which of the two I was most excited about, until I opened Nintendo Power to discover a sweet poster and retro gaming stickers! I threw the diploma away at that point. Stay tuned for more "As the Scott Turns!"


At 2/04/2006 08:08:00 AM , Anonymous Blake said...

LOL.....and hope the interview pans out for you!

At 2/04/2006 11:33:00 PM , Anonymous Jared McG said...

Yeah, they should really stop using dishwater for their green tea. Personally, I try to use filtered water at a very minimum. In fairness though, I've usually enjoyed their tea in the past. As good as Yin Ching was though, I'll still stick with I Love Sushi as my sushi bar of choice.


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