Friday, October 07, 2005

More Leopard Spots

Two months ago, I solicited your comments and wishes for features of Apple's mysterious new OS, Leopard. Today, I bring you a follow-up on that entry. Most of the submissions were pretty fun. Jyn wants Leopard to meow on startup or login, however another Scottdot reader suggested a purring sound. Wouldn't it be great if it purred while asleep or while the screensaver was on? On a more serious note, reader Tonza writes that Apple should fix what he calls "Finder Amnesia." I agree that some things could be done in terms of the Finder remembering how windows are sized and icons are positioned. It definitely seems like we had more control over the Finder's behavior back in the days of OS 9. Personally, I would like to see a return of Mac OS 9's Location Manager in OS X Leopard. I remember years ago having half a dozen different locations setup, each containing a different default printer, network/internet settings, etc. that I switched between depending on where I was working. OS X has locations right now, but they only give users control of their network settings. I want to be able to specify things like whether or not my bluetooth is enabled, change default printers, and more. I'm sure Locations could be intergrated much the same way as Spotlight, allowing third-party developers to write plugins to take advantage of it. The possibilities COULD be endless. Now let's think about the apps. Keep the ideas coming, loyal readers!


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