Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blog Neglect

Well, it's been weeks since I've written anything. Visitors are way down this month as a result I think. I've really got plans to add some more stuff here, but here's a low-down of what's been going on with me. Last weekend Kristen and I made the trip to Tucson. The drive was really fun. We stopped in Ruidoso for dinner on the way down, talked about music and food, and we even saw about four stealth fighters flying above Holloman AFB while driving through Alamogordo that night. Tucson was great. Brenda and Eric were great hosts and we ate some lavish meals (175 dollars at The Melting Pot and another 80 dollars at RĂ¡ Sushi Bar). They took us to Laff's Comedy Club on Friday night where two out of three performers where side-splittingly funny. But then came the bad news. I woke up eager on Saturday morning with the Nine Inch Nails concert on my mind of course. About 9 AM we were all sitting around talking and drinking coffee when my cell rings with a message from Ticketmaster saying, "The event you purchased tickets for has been cancelled." How crappy is that?! Turns out that Jerome Dillon, the drummer, had chest pains on Friday night while playing in San Diego and was hospitalized. He's doing well now, which is great, and I wasn't too disappointed since I had seen them in Tempe back in May. Luckily there's the refund money from Ticketmaster. With that, and a little extra birthday cash from Grandma, I decided to order some new toys. This week I will be getting a brand new iPod nano (black, 4 GB) and a Mongoose mountain bike I ordered from Amazon. As I've said before, it can be a good thing to be materialistic.


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