Sunday, January 02, 2005

Back to Work

My two week period of slacking has ended. Tomorrow morning I must return to work and (try to) be a productive member of society. We had a fantastic time in downtown Albuquerque on Friday night. Jason, Tyler, and myself went to The Anodyne and Burt's Tiki Lounge. The live music was great (Gingerbread Patriots being my favorite act) but the TV show "Land of the Lost" took the cake. It was playing on the TV behind the bar and I couldn't get enough of it! Around 1:00 AM we set out to eat our first meal of the year at The Frontier on Central Avenue, only to discover the 24/7 establishment was CLOSED! We went a few blocks down to a Denny's, where we waited and waited and waited for our food. As we were almost finished, we witnessed two guys get jumped in the parking lot by about three or four other guys! They don't call it "Albucrazy" for nothing! That night, I also sported my new Domo-kun hoodie from J-List and three complete strangers noticed it and commented me on it. Way cool! Thanks for the kickass hoodie, J.D.


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