Thursday, December 30, 2004


I am writing this post from the Java Loft in Clovis, New Mexico. I sat here thinking to myself, "I feel like blogging, but I don't know what to write about." Having just audio chatted with George in Monteal, he gave me a great idea: write about why Starbucks sucks! Every other day it seems that George is at Starbucks, enjoying a wi-fi connection and coffee. But why Starbucks? It is my opinion that George should branch out and explore all of his options for getting caffeinated. At the time of this writing, I have never set foot in a Starbucks, nor do I ever plan on it. Take your neighborhood for example. Imagine your favorite local coffee shop. Odds are you love the atmosphere, the coffee, the people, or just the location. Now imagine a Starbucks moving in right next door. Suddenly there are too many people hoarding around your spot, paying twice as much for coffee that sucks just as bad, if not worse. Face it--Starbucks is the Microsoft of the coffee industry. And George, being the good Mac user that he is, should support a coffee underdog similar to the way he supports Apple's noble cause. What point am I trying to make with this post? I'm not too sure. But all people, Mac users specifically, should find places better than Starbucks to enjoy their brew of choice. Now I must get back to my over-priced but delicious chai latte.


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